“Sustainability is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising future.
The commercial world in itsĀ  high speed pace towards competitive markets has created adverse effects of plastic pollution and carbon emissions”.

Varsya is formed after a long research in society and understand the impact of plastic and decided to be a catalyst of change for shifting the mindsets towards using sustainable and environmentally friendly products.
Varsya is not just focusing on supply of eco friendly products but joining hands with different companies and environmental loving individuals to find new solutions on any eco challenges.

“Your address for everything eco” means any products you will find under Varsya will be either recycled, reused organic.

Our vision is to make people think about going back to roots concept with there daily life routine

Focusing on introducing products related to health, Education, public utility and safety.

Organic food products
Wellness products
Food packing
Kitchenwares & Tablewares

Stationeries and gifts for corporates and educational institutions

Public utility and Safety
Bio degradable packing solutions.