Areca – Disposable Plates & Containers

Disposable plates and containers made from Natural Areca palm leaves.


Varsya – Areca Disposable Plates

Areca Disposable plates are 100% healthy and biodegradable and best alternative against plastic/Styrofoam disposable containers and plates.

How it’s Made?

Areca disposable plates and containers are manufactured out of fallen leaves from Areca nut trees.

These leaves undergoes strict quality measures by skilled technical staffs during the manufacturing process.

The perfect quality leaves are used as raw materials to avoid any defects and damages in final products.


  • 100% natural and toxic free.
  • Most common market sizes are available
  • Customised shapes and sizes can be made subject to terms and conditions.
  • Can use in public and personal events,Hospitals,Education institutions,Airlines etc
  • Strong and durable
  • 100% biodegradable.