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About Varsya


Over the past years, the sustainable products industry has leaped a lot forward from just implementing the three R’s (reduce-reuse-recycle) of sustainability. Even though the core objective remains the same, the industry is currently into inventing and executing practicable solutions that bring results on a large scale rather than making small waves. This is indeed a hopeful move towards a toxin-free, less polluted future and the only way to make the industry profitable. Varsya is proud to be a part of this process and do our role in making the planet a better place to dwell on. We want our products to be bought not just for being eco-friendly, but for their utility value. Implementing realistic technologies that can make biodegradable products a norm in the market is Varsya's primary focus.



Our company


Varsya Eco Solutions Pvt Ltd is an ISO-certified company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of cost-effective eco-friendly products. But Varsya is more than just a manufacturing enterprise. We are an organization with a goal – to make biodegradable products economical and as comfortable to use as regular ones. Because we believe that it is the only way we can have people shift an ecofriendly lifestyle. So, when you are buying a Varsya notebook with unbleached, recycled paper or clay cookware, you are not just becoming eco-friendly, but also contributing to our mission to have society completely shift to a green lifestyle for a better tomorrow.




We envision Varsya to be known among our customers as the best eco brand in the market that they can trust for quality and product value for all their needs.



Our mission is to ensure a cleaner future for mother earth by having society shift entirely to an eco-friendly lifestyle so that the generations to come can have a pollution-free habitat.


Core Values

We believe in business which benefits society and support rural  and women empowerment.


What do we sell?

Our products include a range of everyday items like:

- Eco-friendly stationaries

- Biodegradable packaging & carry bags

- Toxin-free cookware & utensils

- 100% compostable disposable tableware



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