We are Varsya.

Varsya was founded with the dream to inspire and empower society to adapt to a 100% eco-friendly lifestyle. We aim to change how the idea of eco-friendly products is being perceived in society. Varsya is the solution to our founders — Mr. Nitheesh Sundaresan and Mrs. Anu Nitheesh’s quest for a way to contribute to a sustainable society and environment conservation. We envision a clean future for our planet and safe living for the generations to come. Our efforts and knowledge are focused on making this vision come true as soon as possible. We want to make them a part of the everyday life of people. From stationaries to utensils and packaging, we want to ingrain the idea of biodegradable products to all facets of day-to-day life. Hence, we produce affordable eco-friendly alternatives to all those daily-use items to make the transition to a sustainable lifestyle effortless for people.

According to UNEP(United Nations Environment Protection Programme), plastic waste almost equal to the weight of the 7.9 billion human population is produced every year in the past decade alone. That’s almost 300 million tons of plastic a year, not to mention the 8 million tons of plastic waste that find its way to oceans. If this continues, by 2050, the oceans will have more plastics than fish. These facts made our founder, who is an active environmentalist and social entrepreneur to come up with a viable solution to the issue. Hence, Varsya was formed. The term Varsya has its roots in the Sanskrit word ‘Varsha’ which means rain.

Latest Products

Varsya’s Eco Friendly Clay Large Kadai (with Glass Lid)


Varsya’s Biodegradable Bagasse Round Plate -9inch


Varsya’s Biodegradable Bagasse 3 CP Plate – Round 9 inch


Varsya’s Eco Friendly Clay Bhojan Thali (1pcs.)


Eco-friendly Notebook – 160 Page (King Size)


Varsya’s Eco Friendly Clay Pahal Handi Set – Large 2ltr/Med 1ltr/Small 500ml (without handle)


Varsya’s Eco Friendly Clay Cooker 4ltr (with glass lid)


Varsya’s Eco Friendly Clay Square Breakfast Plate – Large 12″/ Medium 10″/ Small 8″


Making an Impact

Varsya is a trusted brand among the leading companies and brands in India and Worldwide. We are delighted to share the mission with our clients.