About Us

About Us

At Varsya, we didn't just stumble upon sustainability - we embodied it from the very beginning.

Our founders, Nitheesh Sundaresan and Anu Nitheesh, built this company on a profound dream: to inspire society to embrace an entirely eco-friendly lifestyle.

We realized that individual efforts alone cannot solve the environmental crisis we face together. So we became that “someone” who would drive real change.

Our mission is to transform how the world views eco-friendly products.

We're making them desirable, affordable and effortlessly integrated into every aspect of daily life - from stationery to utensils and packaging.

Rather than asking people to dramatically alter their lifestyles, we're bringing sustainable solutions right to their doorsteps.

Our products don't just replace plastic, they elevate the everyday.

At our core, we prioritize innovation, circular economy and green chemistry principles. We continually push boundaries to find smarter alternatives to single-use plastics, harnessing agro-waste, bio-waste and regenerative materials.

We're as invested in uplifting society as we are in uplifting the environment.

Sustainability Approach

Varsya is deeply committed to sustainability in everything we do. Rather than just recycling, our goal is to replace products made of plastic and foam with sustainable materials derived from agriculture, thereby empowering rural communities and promoting transparency in sustainable supply chains.
We make our eco-friendly products from renewable raw materials like agricultural waste, biological waste, and invasive plant based oil. By using these resources that would otherwise be thrown away, we reduce waste and our need for finite, non-renewable materials.
Transparency is very important to us. We ensure all our raw materials come from ethical, traceable sources. We aim to work closely with rural communities, providing jobs and training, which helps support local economies.
Our team has diverse backgrounds which allows us to have fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. We combine knowledge from different industries to constantly improve our sustainable product development.

Join the Eco Revolution Join Us

Our products are just the catalyst. The real revolution happens when conscious consumers like you embrace them wholeheartedly. So go ahead, make the eco-friendly switch – we’ve made it easy, affordable and undeniably desirable.

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