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Nature's Answer to Packaging

At VARSYA, we’re not just thinking outside the box – we’re reinventing it. Our groundbreaking technologies are paving the way for a world where packaging nurtures the planet instead of harming it.



Biolayer: The Seed of Change

Imagine a world where food packaging protects not just your snacks, but also the environment. That's the world we're creating with Biolayer.

What is it? A revolutionary coating derived from vegetable oil, designed to replace harmful plastic fossil based coating on paper packagings.

Key Features:
● Home compostable
● Non-toxic food migration barrier
● Suitable for various industries: FMCG, Pharma, Printing, Courier

The Problem We're Solving: One-third of packaging products use plastic-coated papers. These products take centuries to decompose, polluting our oceans, waterways, and landfills with microplastics.

Our Solution: Biolayer offers the same protection as plastic coating, without the environmental hangover. It's our first step towards a plastic-free packaging future.




Biopack: The Coconut Revolution

Styrofoam has had its day. It's time for packaging that protects your products and the planet. Enter Biopack.

What is it? An innovative blend of tender coconut husk, agricultural waste and entire body coated with plant based barrier coating, set to replace environmentally harmful styrofoam.

Key Features:
● Suitable for cold logistics
● Fully biodegradable
● Excellent for fragile item protection
● Supports rural communities through sustainable sourcing practices
● Empowering engineering and non-engineering graduates by providing suitable jobs relevant to there academics.

The Problem We're Solving: Styrofoam, or thermocol, is a non-biodegradable menace that lingers in landfills for decades, wreaking havoc on our ecosystems.

Our Solution: Biopack offers the same protective qualities as styrofoam, but disappears without a trace when its job is done. Plus, by sourcing materials from agricultural waste, we're creating new income streams for rural communities.

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We are Varsya

Our Commitment

1. Continuous improvement of our technologies
2. Partnering with forward-thinking companies across industries
3. Promoting sustainable practices in packaging
4. Supporting rural economies through our sourcing methods

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